Bicyclist hit by automobile suffers head injury

Marlborough, Massachusetts man suffers head injury when hit by car

A gentleman, who lived in Marlborough, MA, was riding his bicycle from Marlborough to Hudson when he was involved in a crash suffering a head injury and now a displaced clavicle fracture.  The claimant was rendered unconscious for a short time, waking with no memory of how the accident took place.

The accident was investigated by the Hudson Police who determined that there was no contact between the motor vehicle and the bicyclist; and therefore, ruled that it was the bicyclist fault.  The automobile operator denied coming in contact with the bicyclist and there was an independent witness who said there was no contact.  The insurance company denied liability.

After a lawsuit was initiated and depositions were taken, it was discovered that the police officer and the automobile operator were friends and the accident happened as a result of the driver illegally passing the bicyclist and then forcing him into a curb.

The case was successfully resolved in the bicyclist’s favor for $67,500.00.

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