Hit by car in crosswalk resulting in death

Hudson, Massachusetts wrongful death case

Claimant was an elderly gentleman who was injured and ultimately died as a result of being struck while crossing the street in Hudson, MA.

In 2008, a Hudson man was walking on Main Street in Hudson when he came to an intersection and began crossing in the crosswalk.  Suddenly and without his awareness, a driver operating a motor vehicle came around the rotary in the center of Hudson, proceeded north, and struck the client while in the middle of the crosswalk.  He was thrown forward and ultimately hit his head.  He was taken to the nearby Marlborough Hospital and then transferred to a Worcester Hospital where he remained for a period of time before he was discharged to a rehabilitation hospital.  Ultimately, this elderly gentleman passed away due to injuries that were alleged to have been sustained in that accident.

Suit was filed against the first driver who was alleged to have failed to use care in the operation of his motor vehicle and struck the decedent while in the middle of the intersection.  The defendant’s insurance company denied they were in any way negligent and suggested and stated that the decedent was not in the crosswalk, he was not paying attention while crossing the street.

Through depositions and formal discovery, it was determined that there was another vehicle that was in part responsible for the first vehicle’s negligence:  thus, as a result another party was added to this case.  Despite both companies denying any involvement and/or negligence, the case was successfully resolved for the maximum policy against the first driver and a significant contribution from the second driver.  A Medicare lien was settled and resolved.  The beneficiaries of the decedent’s Estate received proceeds from the settlement.

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