Motorcyclist hit by car out of state

Motorcyclist from New Hampshire was hit when riding his motorcycle in Florida

When out for a day of recreation, this young man was struck and injured when a teenager operating his parents’ motor vehicle ran through an intersection striking him and the motorcycle and causing permanent significant injuries to the claimant.

This New Hampshire gentleman had ridden motorcycles most of his life and worked as a lineman throughout the country.  In 2008, he was working in Florida for a period of time and, while off duty and on the weekend, he was riding his motorcycle when he was suddenly struck and injured by a teenage driver. Complicating this case was the fact that the claimant, who had very little recollection of the actual incident, was knocked unconscious and had to be treated at the local hospital.  While his recovery was slow and painful, he ultimately was transferred to a Worcester, MA rehabilitation hospital where he slowly regained mobility and awareness.

The insurance company had uncovered an independent witness who stated that it was the claimant who negligently operated his motor vehicle through the intersection.  Despite this witness, with proper investigation, the insurance company ultimately agreed that the teenage boy was at fault for this accident and they resolved the case in plaintiff’s favor in the amount of $1,250,000.00.  The claimant was able to buy a home in his home state of New Hampshire, where he presently resides.

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