Pedestrian hit by automobile

Marlborough, Massachusetts personal injury case

In 2009, an avid runner who was out for her daily jog, was crossing an intersection in the City of Marlborough, MA when a motor vehicle suddenly, and without warning, made a left-hand turn in front of her and struck her as she was three-quarters across the road.  This client rolled up over the automobile and then fell to the pavement below fracturing her front teeth and her wrist.

The client refused medical treatment initially, but then sought treatment from a dentist who recapped and repaired the teeth.  Later the client sought treatment from an orthopedic doctor for complaints related to her wrist.

The insurance company initially defended the case based on no negligence and limited damages.  The case was resolved in the client’s favor for the amount of $22,000.00.

Marlborough MA personal injury lawyer, Attorney Stephen Morte represents victims of  personal injury accidents and medical malpractice cases throughout the Greater Boston,  Middlesex County, and Worcester County region.

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