Slip and fall on patch of ice

Hudson, Massachusetts Slip and Fall injury case

In 2008, a Hudson woman was returning home from work in the late afternoon.  She parked her car in her usual parking spot and was walking across the parking lot when she slipped and fell on a patch of ice that had been covered by the recent snowfall.

A claim was submitted on her behalf against the condominium association for their failure to properly maintain and safeguard the grounds of the association.  Specifically, it was alleged that the ice that had formed was a recurrent problem caused by improper drainage causing what was a dangerous condition for all owners and visitors on the property.  Through proper investigation, it was discovered that the flow of water and the formation of ice in the parking lot was a serious condition, which actually was hidden with the recent fallen snow.

The insurance company immediately denied the claim based on Massachusetts law that does not allow for recovery unless there is an unnatural accumulation of snow and ice.  Through investigation, a witness, who was a police officer, who was called to the scene reported that the parking lot was a sheet of ice such that it made it difficult for all emergency personnel to respond to the accident.

The case was successfully resolved in the client’s favor in the amount of $75,000.00.

Hudson Massachusetts personal injury lawyer, Attorney Stephen Morte represents victims of  personal injury accidents, slip and fall cases throughout the Greater Boston,  Middlesex County, and Worcester County region.

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