Do I need a slip and fall attorney if insurance company is already working toward a settlement?

Additional Information:

I was visiting my grandmother at her Southboro apartment and slipped and fell and broke my right (dominant) wrist. She had reported a broken, leaking sprinkler head a few days earlier to the condo manager,  but it had not been repaired and there had been freezing temperatures overnight.   I’ve had about $10,000 in out-of-pocket expenses and my doctor says I will require another surgery because of continuing numbness and pain in my wrist, hand and arm. The insurance company for the apartment building has been in contact with me and has paid me $5,000 (their medical coverage). They indicated that they would be “working with me toward a settlement”.  Do I need a slip and fall attorney? Can I expect to recover enough money to cover the medical expenses?


Without question you should hire an attorney who can help you evaluate and win the settlement that you deserve. Remember insurance companies are in the business of making money for their stockholders. The less that they pay you the better for them. Only through having an experienced personal injury attorney evaluate and help you with your case will you achieve the value of your case. 

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