I slipped and fell and injured myself. Do I have a personal injury case?

Additional Information:

I slipped and fell in the bathroom of local Southboro coffee shop.  There was a puddle of water, and as a result of the fall, I have 2 hairline fractures, one in my hip and one in my shoulder. I had someone take pictures of the pipes and plumbing where there was clearly a leak that likely caused the puddle.  There was no “caution/ wet floor” sign and there was one witness.  Do I have a personal injury case?


Slip and fall cases are sometimes difficult cases to prove in Massachusetts. It would be necessary to prove that the coffee shop caused the spill to occur or failed to take reasonable steps to correct a dangerous situation once they were aware of the situation. Based on what you have provided, it appears that the coffee shop should be responsible for your injuries. 

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