I have a scar from an ER procedure, worth getting a medical malpractice attorney?

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I got a deep laceration on my arm.  My friend took me to a well respected Greater Boston hospital.  When I arrived to the emergency room I made the triage nurse aware of my allergies but apparently it was not conveyed to the attending ER doctor.  I was allergic to the material for the stitches and they had to reopen the cut in order to remove the stitches.  I am now left with a nasty scar.  Would this be something worth looking into getting a personal injury or medical malpractice lawyer for?


Certainly if you had indicated to the hospital that you had allergies and those at the hospital failed to consider this information and it caused your additional surgery, the hospital and or their employees or agents may have committed medical malpractice and would be liable for all of your damages caused by their malpractice.This does not mean that it will be an easy case as you will be obligated to prove negligence, damages and the causation to your damages. You should see a lawyer who concentrates in the area of medical malpractice to discuss your case. 

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