My dog knocked the electrician over, and he was injured. Do I need a dog injury lawyer?

Additional Information:

An electrician came to my house in Northborough last week.  My dog got out of the bedroom and jumped on him.  My dog didn’t bite him but he jumped up and  knocked the guy over.  The guy fell and banged his head pretty hard on a table.  He said he was OK, but I’m still worried he might sue me.  Would he have a case?  Should I consult with a dog injury lawyer?


In this case rather than seek out a lawyer who does personal injury, you should contact your home insurance company to report the accident and inform them that there may be a lawsuit. If in fact you are sued then your insurance company is duty bound to retain counsel to protect your interest. If it appears that the amount of damages might exceed your policy limits, then you should seek out the advice of an experienced trial lawyer who will protect your interest over and above the policy limits. 

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