Slip and Fall Injury in Framingham – $175,253

A thirty-eight year old man living in Framingham, Massachusetts was injured on December 31, 2008 when he slipped and fractured his right ankle. The plaintiff incurred $23,268.03 in medical expenses and was out of work for approximately seven months.

The plaintiff recovered a judgment in the Superior Court this year awarding him $175,253.62.

Victims of Milford MA Motor Vehicle Accident Receives $200,000.00

A Massachusetts man and his Rhode Island passenger received the full policy limits after they were both injured in a motor vehicle accident that occurred during a snow storm in Milford, Massachusetts.  The plaintiffs claimed that the defendant was operating his motor vehicle negligently and at an unsafe speed causing him to lose control and crash into their vehicle.  The injuries were significant resulting in the plaintiffs receiving all available amounts under defendant’s policy.

Rhode Island Woman awarded $25,000.00

A Rhode Island woman, who was a passenger in a motor vehicle  was struck as a result of the negligent operation of another, received a settlement of $25,000.00 despite suffering no lost wages and limited medical expenses.

The plaintiff was able to prove some seat belt burning and significant pain for approximately two to three months, but with no lingering pain.

Trip and Fall – Worcester Court – $450,000.00

A furniture delivery person, who tripped while walking out of a small apartment building in Worcester, while in the process of delivering furniture, was awarded $450,000.00.  This young man suffered an initial injury to his leg, which was treated.  Approximately a month later, this individual developed back problems, which the plaintiff related to the fall.

After discovery was completed, the parties agreed to attend a mediation where after a full day; the parties ultimately resolved the case for $450,000.00 and a significant reduction of the workmen’s compensation lien.

Wrongful Death – Full Policy for the Estate of a Rhode Island Man

The plaintiff was the operator of a motor vehicle when his vehicle was struck late at night by a vehicle driven by the defendant.  The plaintiff suffered a leg fracture and was treated at a local hospital prior to being released home.  Approximately a month later, the decedent suddenly passed away after suffering a blood clot.  A causal relation to his death and the motor vehicle accident was established resulting in a settlement of the full policy against the principle operator, as well as the underinsured benefits available to him from his own insurance policy

Passenger in Maynard Motor Vehicle Accident – Awarded $63,000.00

A Maynard woman was awarded $63,000.00 after having been injured in a motor vehicle.  The accident involved a tractor trailer and the car in which she was a passenger.  The plaintiff maintained that her back issues were aggravated by the motor vehicle accident and sought recovery for the ongoing medical condition related to her back. This case was complicated due to the client’s significant pre-existing condition and the fact that there was little property damage to the car.

Slip and Fall Worcester – Settlement of $200,000.00

A construction worker in Worcester who tripped and fell at a construction site recovered $200,000.00 related to a shoulder injury that he suffered.  The plaintiff in this case was a mason worker who fell as a result of a defective workplace condition.  Suit was brought against four separate companies, each of who claimed it was the other company that was responsible for the condition. After a full day mediation, a settlement was reached in the amount of $200,000.00.

Wrongful Death Claim on Hudson Motor Vehicle Accident – Full Policy

The estate of a Hudson woman was awarded the full policy after she was injured in a motor vehicle accident involving two cars.  The plaintiff was able to recover the full policy limits against both operators, as both were deemed at fault.  In addition to recovery against those individuals, the estate was able to recover against her own policy for the remaining underinsured benefits available to her.

Underinsured Claim Framingham Pedestrian – Full Policy

A Framingham man was awarded, at arbitration, the full amount of uninsured benefits on his policy.  An uninsured claim was presented to the plaintiff’s insurance company after he was struck when walking across the street by a motor vehicle that never stopped at the scene.  Because the operator of that motor vehicle was never identified, a claim was pursued against the plaintiff’s own insurance company.

The claim was defended by the insurance company based on liability and damage. Eventually the case was tried to an independent arbitrator who found for the plaintiff.   The plaintiff was awarded the amount of $30,000.00 which was in excess of the policy limits and is still pursuing an unfair and deceptive claim against the insurance company.

$150,000.00 Injuries Received in Auto Accident

A Rhode Island resident receives full policy limits, as well as the full-underinsured benefits, as a result of suffering a leg fracture and subsequent embolism leading to his untimely death.  Through hospital and medical records, counsel was able to establish that the embolism that developed and ultimately resulting in his death was caused by the injuries he received in the automobile accident.

$70,000. Car Hits Bicyclist in Marlborough

A bicyclist, who was injured as a result of a passing car received a settlement of $70,000.00 for injuries he sustained as a result of the accident.  Although the police investigated and ruled that there was no contact by the passing car, through discovery and depositions, it was discovered that the police officer was friends with the automobile operator and may have been bias and negligent in his investigation of the accident.  Plaintiff’s counsel was able to prove that the plaintiff’s collision was caused by the passing car despite the plaintiff’s lack of memory as to the details of the accident.

$1,250,000.00 Motorcycle Accident

Brain Injury / Separated Shoulder / Clavicle Injury.  Recovered for a person injured in Florida while riding a motorcycle. Liability was contested. The amount recovered was the full insurance policy.

$675,000.00 Tractor Trailer Accident

Middlesex Superior Court. Cambridge, Massachusetts Estate recovery. The above case related to the wrongful death of a young man when struck by a tractor trailer. Liability was disputed.

$430,000.00 Work Site Injury

Middlesex Superior Court. Cambridge, Massachusetts Texas man injured in a slip and fall at worksite. Injury was an aggravation of a pre-existing injury requiring subsequent operation. The injury took place on property owned by Intel, Inc. in Massachusetts and involved soft tissue back injuries.

$350,000.00 Motor Vehicle Accident

Lowell Superior Court. Lowell, Massachusetts Wrongful death claim. Awarded to a family in a motor vehicle accident when vehicle was struck by a drunk driver.