Client Reviews

The following represents only a small sample of testimonials. Many of these were sent to Attorney Morte as “thank you” notes.

“I would highly recommend Stephen Morte. He responded quickly to my need for legal counsel and kept me informed at all times, and being out-of-state, I greatly appreciated it. Attorney Morte is truly a professional and I appreciate his sensitivity and his supportive nature.”


“After several years of frustrating delays, Attorney Morte was recommended to me for a legal malpractice suit that I had. He negotiated a fair and equitable settlement within a few months. I respect the diligence and competence that brought my case to a quick and satisfactory end.”


“I first retained Attorney Morte to represent me in a personal injury case.  I was extremely pleased with the attention he always gave me during this time. He always found the time to speak to me when I called and promptly returned my calls if he was unavailable when I called.  I was very satisfied with the settlement I received, and I have continued to seek his counsel in other matters as well.”


“Steve helped me through a very stressful time during my life when, the last thing I needed was more stress. I had previously dealt with attorneys who never returned telephone calls, ignored the issue at hand, provided no support whatsoever, and increased my stress level ten-fold. Steve not only returned phone calls when he promised, he would call me to see how things were and always gave me progress reports. Steve is not your “typical” lawyer. He is a down to earth professional who cares about his clients and gets the job done. It doesn’t get better than that.”


“I was in a terrible situation and was directed to Attorney Morte for assistance. He told me from the beginning, after our meeting, that my case was not going to be easy but that he would do everything in his power to obtain a positive outcome. His diligence and knowledge of the law made me feel very comfortable, knowing he was representing me and, when it came time to present the facts to the Court and a jury. After a long, hard fought jury trial, I was found not guilty as charged. I believe it was Attorney Morte’s unwillingness to allow an unjust decision that prevailed in the final outcome of my case. Attorney Morte comes highly recommended and I would certainly turn to him if I ever needed his help in the future.”


“Steve Morte took my case when others wouldn’t even listen to it. He met deadlines and always returned my telephone calls the same day. His professionalism and knowledge of the law was apparent, due to the settlement I received. His staff is efficient, caring and supportive. Many, many thanks to all of you!”


“I had the opportunity to watch Attorney Morte in action in the Courtroom sometime before I had the need of a lawyer myself.  I recall that I was impressed with his professional manner and his dynamic presence in the Courtroom that day.

Later, as I worked closely with Attorney Morte on my own case, I found him to be extremely knowledgeable in regards to the law. He was always calm, sincere, and never judgmental. I appreciated the fact that he was always well organized and well prepared; always returned telephone calls and was on time for appointments.

Stephen Morte is passionate about his profession, his family and the rights of his clients, and I highly recommend him to all who seek justice.”


“I retained the services of Attorney Morte in 1997 to represent me regarding an automobile accident in 1995. I had been fighting it out with the insurance company for nearly 2 years, even though I am in the insurance business myself, to no avail. If it had not been for Attorney Morte, I believe that a settlement would not have been reached and I would still be going back and forth with them. My family has been in the insurance business for over 50 years, handled thousands of claims, and had never run into a case such as my own. Attorney Morte’s expertise, insight and experience in handling claims of this nature helped bring my case to a much needed and satisfying end.

If I ever run into another claim (hopefully not my own) in which the insurance company is unreasonable, I will certainly refer them to Attorney Morte. Attorney Morte was a pleasure to deal with both personally and professionally.”


“I retained Attorney Morte to represent me in a personal injury case. I was extremely pleased with the attention he and his staff always gave me during this time. He always found the time to speak to me when I called and, to answer any questions I had in a professional manner. I was very satisfied with the settlement I received and I have continued to seek his counsel in other matters as well.”


“I am pleased to write this letter to express how pleased I am that Attorney Stephen Morte was able to represent me in my Personal Injury case.

From our initial consultation, he seemed to take an interest in my case, which made me feel that he really cared about what had happened to me and that he wanted to win this case as much as I did. His preparation was thorough and complete and Mr. Morte explored every out-of-court option prior to engaging in a jury trial. He went so far as to arrange a Mediation hearing, arranging for the Mediator as well as getting the opposing party to the Mediation. When a suitable settlement could not be worked out, he proceeded with a jury trial. During this trial Mr. Morte was excellent, arguing on my behalf as if he was the one who had suffered my injuries.

Mr. Morte was confident about my chances for a favorable decision from start to finish, even offering encouragement during those few times when I was not feeling particularly positive, He explained each step of the process clearly and concisely, recommending strategic courses of action, but ultimately leaving the decisions up to me and my family.  In hindsight every one of Mr. Morte’s recommendations were correct. The result of my experience with Mr. Morte is that I received a settlement that was well above what I had hoped for.”


“We wish to thank you and your staff for all of your help.”


“I just wanted to send you a quick thank you note in getting a resolution to my recent problem so quickly. Attorneys, as a rule, have a reputation that is not always admirable. You are one of the good guys in this profession to help people like me in need. When I needed you for my divorce you were there whenever I called. If you were in a meeting or court, you always returned my call promptly. I never had to wait or wonder when you were going to call back. The professionalism and compassion you expressed was impressive. I have recommended you to several of my friends who have found the need of legal services. Your knowledge of the law and your litigation skills has earned you the title of “Excellent Attorney” but your desire to help people in need have earned you the title of “Excellent Person”. Hopefully I won’t need your services again but if I do, it is a great comfort to know you’ll be on my side.”


“I retained Attorney Morte for my personal injury case and was extremely pleased with the attention he gave to me and my case. He would always find the time to either see me or speak with me by telephone, and he would return my calls, even if he wasn’t in which, I found to be very comforting and very unusual when it comes to lawyers.

I was very satisfied with the settlement I received and I have continued to seek his counsel in other matters as well.”


“After reviewing some of my business affairs, I decided to write you a note of appreciation for all that you have done for me over the past few years.

When my husband and I first came to you we were impressed with how you handled my case with such professionalism and warmth. We were both confident that whatever the outcome, you would do the best you could for us. Thankfully, the result of the lawsuit was in our favor.

Little did I realize the quandary I would have only a few years later. As you may recall, only a few weeks after the sudden loss of my husband, I suffered a bad fall in a local department store in which I suffered a fractured patella. When I called on you for help your kindness was immeasurable. You came to my home and, handled my case with the utmost of professionalism and sensitivity. The end result again, was in my favor and there were no worries of outstanding medical bills. It is a pleasure doing business with you, as you have always been readily available to answer questions and to address any concerns that I may have. You have continually gone out of your way to make things easier for me.

I just wanted to let you know that not only are you a gentleman, but you are the quintessential professional.”